PDF 9 Steps to Conscious Parenting: Raising Healthy, Happy, and Confident Children

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Once I become aware of my emotions and how I handle them, the next thing I must do is learn how to regulate those emotions.

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This means that I am able to control impulses and moods and to think before acting. Finally, this all must be driven by internal motivation. I must be governed by my vision and purpose. I must possess an inner vision of what is important to me in motherhood and life and be guided by that vision.

Otherwise, I will blow wherever the wind takes me. When I make a habit to read through this daily, I am much better at staying on track. To draft your own vision, think about the following questions:. When my children tell their children about the days when they were growing up, what do I want their stories to be? Laminate a baby photo of your child and carry it in your pocket. Look at it when you feel anger rising.

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Stretch your muscles. Stand up tall, put your arms behind you, lace your fingers, and open up the chest as you stretch your arms back. Give yourself a hand massage. Use the thumb of one hand to press around the palm of your other hand and then switch. Hug someone. Physical contact with a loved one boosts oxytocin and helps you calm down quicker. Filled with fresh insights, simple strategies, and aha moments, this book will show you how to find joy amidst the beautiful chaos of motherhood.

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Of course there was an unfathomable bond and there were many magical moments I wish I could bottle up forever. But the relentless grind, and all the fear and anxiety that comes with raising children and trying to control their behaviour, had become too much to bear at times. I desperately wanted a change. Even Pink is a fan.

Conscious parenting concepts are rooted in ancient Eastern beliefs, as well as Western psychology.

How To Be A More Conscious Parent And Partner

And when it comes to living in the present, she says, our children are gurus who can awaken us to be real, giving us the gift of self-awareness, self-expression and deep self-belief. She sees consciousness as a lifelong journey, a moment-by-moment practice to connect with yourself and your children from a place of love, authenticity and acceptance rather than fear, ego and control.

How can parents put this lesson into action? In fact, Tsabary says the most important objective of being a parent is creating space for our children to be in touch with their own spirit. For example, in the past, I would have nagged, begged, used ultimatums and even spoon-fed them veggies while they were looking the other way or in mid-chew. Now I offer a few healthy choices and then let them be. In fact, the other day, my kindergartner ate cooked carrots for the first time since she was a baby—she served herself after observing the rest of us enjoying them.

When they do start showing serious interest in certain activities or hobbies, she cautions parents to let them sit with those desires for some time before jumping into them. Does parenting even matter? It sounds a lot like Psychoanalysis —hurt people hurt people, right? My sister and I grew up in a strict French-Moroccan immigrant household, where appearance and obedience were important.

While he was loving, creative and spontaneous in his joie de vivre, his frustration with making us behave sometimes led to screaming and spanking sessions. Instead of blaming or resenting our own parents, who were also just doing their best while carrying around their own pain or emotional baggage, Tsabary says you can use this insight to reflect on how your children provoke you, which will ideally make it easier to recognize and deal with issues as they arise in the moment.

Just like connecting to our children makes them feel safe, healthy boundaries make them feel secure.

The Simple 3 Step Plan for How to Stay Calm with Your Kids

Arguably, a lot of parents, including myself, try to use consequences like time outs with reason and empathy. I mean, I read an entire book on how to do it effectively—so how is that lazy? But Tsabary is right in saying that some of those tricks are losing their initial charm. She believes in positive reinforcement and offering only natural and logical consequences.

When I respect myself more by sticking to my guns, the girls follow suit. Does this mean parents should never get upset? No, says Tsabary. They should just learn to respond in healthier ways, by expressing themselves honestly and authentically versus letting their emotions drive knee-jerk and charged reactions.

But if it could elevate my parenting game, I would be willing to try it again. In her practice, she says, parents find looking at their own issues, triggers and reactions helpful not only in moving through the day and the schedule with their kids—like motivating them to brush their teeth or go to school—but in feeling happier and closer with them by providing more compassion and patience.

3 Tips to Raise Self-Confident Children

Douglas says we have to acknowledge that some children are more challenging to parents than others, some parenting stages are proven to be more difficult and some families are grappling with extraordinary needs and circumstances. She also says we have to recognize how hard parenting is and that everybody gets it wrong at some point. Parenting is actually hard. This approach is not only working out by helping to contain some of the fits but it has actually brought us closer.

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