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Landauer among whose gifts was a gathering of some two hundred musical settings for Kipling's poems. Besides many first and limited editions, there are copies printed for copyright purposes including the rare Pan in Vermont and various pirated editions. Over two thousand items acquired, in , mainly through the interest and generosity of the wood engraver J. Lankes, his son J.

Lankes, and Herbert Faulkner West This is a comprehensive collection comprising books with Lankes's illustrations, prints, trial proofs, mechanical drawings, complete woodblock records, microfilm material, biographical items, and memorabilia. Over one hundred books and pamphlets of first and limited editions and biographical material, given principally by William W.

Grant , Richard H. Of special interest is the limited, signed, privately printed edition of Lady Chatterley's Lover , the uncorrected proof of the first edition of The Letters , and the subscribers' edition of The Paintings of D. Established in by Hettie Gray Baker through the gift of seventy books and miscellaneous material by and about T. Lawrence--popularly known as "Lawrence of Arabia"--this collection has been augmented over the years until it now totals over one hundred and forty books and pamphlets, several holograph letters, and scrapbooks of clippings and ephemera.

Essentially, all of Lawrence's own works are represented in English and American first editions, and the capstone of the collection is an inscribed copy of the exceedingly rare first, limited edition of Seven Pillars of Wisdom , given in by Perc S. Some eighty-five of the books in the collection are about Lawrence or about Arabia. Over sixty items, including several editions given by Ramon Guthrie bearing inscriptions to him and Mrs.

Guthrie from the author. Brown and other inscribed copies, among them ones from Richard H. Mandel and Harold Goddard Rugg In George Matthew Adams presented to the College his first editions and inscribed presentation copies of works by the celebrated American poet Nicholas Vachel Lindsay. Additions in succeeding years have produced a total of one hundred books and pamphlets, including anthologies and biographical works. There are also a number of the author's decorated broadsides in the collection, several of which are autographed. Principally the gift of Sue and Marvin A.

Rauch in , this collection by and about the enormously popular American writer totals approximately five hundred books and three hundred magazines, pictures, posters and other ephemera. Of particular importance are the many magazine first appearances and important editions of London's best novels, including The Call of the Wild , The Sea-Wolf , and White Fang The McGregor Collection consists of well over two hundred and fifty rare and unusual source books and pamphlets relating to American history. It was purchased with the aid of the Tracy W.

The MacKaye collection comprises over one hundred and fifty linear feet of manuscripts, notebooks, correspondence files, scrapbooks, theatre programs, other printed matter, and memorabilia dealing principally with the works and life of Percy MacKaye and his father, Steele MacKaye, and other members of the MacKaye family.

In addition, there is a group of eighty volumes, which includes works by and about the family, as well as a number of dramatic works and poetry in autograph presentation copies by Percy MacKaye. Steele MacKaye. The nucleus of this collection of material by or about the New Zealand-born English writer was a group of fifteen first editions donated by George Matthew Adams.

Since Mr. One hundred and sixty-five books and pamphlets by England's fifteenth Poet Laureate, the majority being also signed or author's presentation copies. Embree , with further acquisitions through purchase, including a large number from Friends of the Library funds. Brown, and Dr. Frederic P. Lord and Mrs. Brown, the rare first edition, first issue, of Gallipoli , Among the presentation books are several inscribed for his wife.

Reynard the Fox is autographed for Ada and John Galsworthy, to whom the poem is dedicated. This is a small but choice collection of the works of the noted Chicago Renaissance writer. The books of the collection were acquired in from Kimball Flaccus The collection is outstanding not only because it comprises essentially all of Masters's works in first or limited editions, but particularly so, too, because many of the eighty-five books present are author's presentation copies to Mr.

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There are also association items, including books from the libraries of Paul Lemperly and of Chauncey L. Williams, a publisher of Masters's first work, A Book of Verses , Over seventy volumes, being basically the Maugham collection of Ruby Eames Daggett, presented in There are three presentation copies given by Perc S. Brown and a first edition of Of Human Bondage the Hogan copy provided among the group of rare books given in the s by Henry E. Cutler in memory of his wife, Hattie M.

In a collection of twenty-nine English and American editions of the works of Herman Melville was presented by George Matthew Adams in memory of his father, the Rev. George Matthew Adams. The original gift included a fine copy of the American first edition of Moby-Dick , into which is bound a letter by Melville dated "Pittsfield Dec 14th Adams were works of biographical and critical importance. The collection totaled nearly two hundred books, pamphlets, and other printed items before the superb gift by William S.

Clark of over two hundred and thirty American and foreign editions of Moby-Dick , representing over thirty languages, plus nearly seventy related items. Richard H. Mandel established this collection through the gift of his outstanding collection by and about Henry Louis Mencken. Mencken himself presented many additional items, including over sixty scarce and valuable pamphlets, many of them inscribed, and all available material relating to the famous "Hatrack Case. Among the special rarities are two copies of Ventures into Verse One bears an inscription, while the other is copiously and amusingly annotated throughout by the author.

Approximately sixty volumes of the celebrated British novelist, poet, and essayist, being principally first editions of the author's books. Among the presentation copies are three to Meredith's physician, purchased by the Friends of the Library; and the Poems the J. Stuart Mill copy and a first edition of Farina from Perc S. Henry S.

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  6. Embree supplied a number of editions and Harold Goddard Rugg gave two books from Meredith's personal library. Over fifty items of the famous American poet, many from Harold Goddard Rugg , whose gifts include three inscribed volumes, among them one to H. About two hundred volumes, including one hundred and sixty books and pamphlets, mainly first and limited editions, many inscribed to the Library and to Herbert Faulkner West , the principal donor, who gave his collection in memory of Allan H.

    Macdonald, Professor of English at Dartmouth Further acquisitions have been made through purchase and donations from other individuals, including Harold Goddard Rugg and James D. Landauer Supplementing the books are magazine publications, newspaper clippings and ephemera, photographs, and voice recordings.

    Over fifty volumes of the renowned Irish writer's work. Many of the first and limited editions of this group were presented by Richard H. Mandel , Harold Goddard Rugg , and Mrs.

    Barton Farr. Rugg; as well as Celibates , from Perc S. An especially significant volume, also given by Mr. Brown, is a copy of the first edition of Brook Kerith , extensively marked by the author with corrections for the second edition, bearing, as well, several letters, tipped in, relating to the same. Brought together by gifts and purchases over a period of many years, this is a collection of about twenty-five hundred books and pamphlets printed in New Hampshire.

    It consists chiefly of imprints from the beginning of printing in the state through the year , with selected publications and coverage for certain localities after that date. The Library's Hanover imprints are principally located among the resources preserved in the College Archives. The aim of the collection is to be as exhaustive as possible within the appropriate chronological limits. The Class of memorial collection was established in by the Dartmouth Class of '26 to honor its deceased members.

    Currently totaling about twenty-five hundred volumes, acquired by both gift and purchase, the collection consists of examples of illustrated books published throughout the New England states during Dartmouth's first century from the year of Dartmouth's chartering through to its centennial date, Many outstanding examples of the work of individual illustrators and of different mediums and styles of illustration have rendered this collection one of great interest and of considerable scholarly significance.

    Presented to the Library by Bella C. Landauer, this unusual collection consists of about thirty volumes and four scrapbooks containing over nine hundred miscellaneous unbound plates, prints, cards, sheet music, clippings, etc. Among the books of the collection there are, for example, ten or more volumes relating to street cries of London, Paris, Venice, New York, Philadelphia, and other cities, and volumes of colored plates depicting the costumes worn by people of various classes and occupations in many parts of the world.

    This is an extensive gathering of letters, magazine and newspaper clippings, theatre programs, broadsides, and editions of the published works of America's preeminent playwright, presented by Bella C. Landauer in The one hundred and fifty books and pamphlets in the collection comprise principally first and limited editions, many of them autographed or inscribed, as well as biographical and critical materials.

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    Of special importance is the group of some two hundred and twenty-five theatre programs and playbills documenting productions of O'Neill plays throughout the world. There are original drawings and photographs of the playwright himself, together with pictures of foreign and American stage-sets and autographed photographs of theatrical personalities who acted in O'Neill plays or screen adaptations. Among the printed matter are to be found over two hundred and fifty miscellaneous magazine articles and newspaper clippings concerning the author and his plays.

    A group of nearly one hundred items by these three brothers of the Powys family of southwestern England; acquired by gift, especially from Herbert Faulkner West , and purchase. Some of the volumes are autographed or inscribed by the authors. There are in this collection at present over six thousand publications, representing the work of well over four hundred different printers.

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    Although there are examples from both commercial and private presses, emphasis is given to the latter and to the work of famous printers and typographers. From the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries there are examples of the work of such printing houses as that of Aldus in Venice and Estienne in Paris, Plantin in Antwerp and Leyden, and Elzevir in Leyden and Amsterdam. In addition to important books from earlier periods, British presses of more modern times for which substantial resources are held include the private press of Henry Daniel at Oxford, the Kelmscott Press of William Morris essentially all its productions are possessed, including its masterpiece, the Chaucer , in a white pigskin binding , the Vale Press under Charles Ricketts, the Ashendene Press of C.

    John Hornby, and T. Cobden-Sanderson's Doves Press a near-complete holding. Among strengths documenting American presses, printers, and publishers of the twentieth century, supplementing noteworthy examples of earlier date, are the following. Rollins and the issuances of famous bibliographic clubs and societies. Besides significant acquisitions resulting from purchases and from gifts by individuals, especially to be acknowledged are substantial resources in this area which have come to the College through the generosity of Dr.

    Stecher , Peter and Edna Beilenson, E. Stinehour A full list of the presses in our collection is available. Over three hundred and forty items of the popular American writer, including one hundred and forty books and magazines, largely received through a generous donation, in , from Roberts himself, with additional gifts from Eric T. Mandel , and Paul S. Allen There are many inscribed and presentation copies and a copy of Northwest Passage with author's deletions of one hundred and seventy thousand words in preparation for the Armed Services edition.

    Closely associated with the foregoing, Kenneth Roberts's own working library was presented to the College in the late s by Mr. Frank B. Totaling over twelve hundred items, it reflects the careful scholarship Roberts bestowed on his historical novels and other works. Many of the volumes are heavily--and at times amusingly--annotated in Roberts's hand. A significant collection of the works of this major American poet has been brought together over a period of years through gifts and by purchase.

    Comprising some one hundred and forty books and pamphlets, the collection contains essentially all the works of the poet in first or notable editions, including an autographed copy of the first printing of his rare first book, The Torrent and The Night Before The collection is particularly rich in signed and author's presentation copies, many of which are autographed for C. Betts, to whom Robinson's Dionysus in Doubt is dedicated. Over two hundred and eighty items donated in by Sanborn Conner Brown relating to the life and works of Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford.

    Ranging the gamut from fireplaces to cryptanalysis, it reflects the activities of the American-born British scientist as physicist, inventor, social reformer, diplomat, and spy. Over one hundred items of the British writer, prominent as an art and literary critic and as a social reformer, being basically the Ruskin collection of John Gilbert Winant, former Governor of New Hampshire and America's wartime Ambassador to the Court of St. After Governor Winant's death his library was subsequently acquired by Gilbert Verney, who presented segments of it to Dartmouth, including its outstanding Ruskin resources.

    Included are catalogues, pamphlets, Royal Academy Notes, and various books by Ruskin in their original parts, as well as some works about him. Ariadne Florentina , in parts, bears its author's manuscript corrections; and both Collingwood's and Cook's life of Ruskin exist in extra-illustrated, handsomely bound sets, Cook's work containing over forty original letters. In addition, Harold Goddard Rugg presented a pair of volumes from Ruskin's library, and two books which he inscribed as gifts.

    Seventy-two items of the noted designer, illustrator, and author. Other examples of his work can be found in collections such as those of Robert Frost and the Presses Collection e. In fifteen first editions of the works of the Spanish-born philosopher, poet, and literary critic were given to the Library by Herbert Faulkner West To this nucleus other items have been added, through purchase, to form a significant collection of books by and about the author.

    Totaling over one hundred items, the collection contains British and American editions, magazine articles, criticism, miscellaneous reviews, and news clippings. The core of Dartmouth's substantial holdings of the works of Shakespeare lies in the collection built by Allerton C. Hickmott which came to the College both by his bequest in and by gift of his widow, Madelyn C.

    Hickmott, in The collection contains all four of the celebrated folio editions, nearly forty quarto editions, all editions of Macbeth known to have been published before , and significant early collected editions of Shakespeare's work. There are in addition several rarities included in the collection which come under the general description of Shakespearean source books, ranging from Aesop's Fables to Songes and sonettes written by the right honorable Lord Henry Haward.

    Over one hundred and thirty books and pamphlets of first or notable editions. Author's presentation copies include Back to Methuselah inscribed for "A. The principal donors of Shaw resources have been Richard H. Mandel and Ralph E. Samuel's gifts have included exceedingly rare pamphlets and highly interesting manuscript materials. Further acquisitions have come through purchase and by donations from other individuals, among them Harold Goddard Rugg , Perc S. Brown, and Herbert F. Darling Approximately two hundred items by these sibling avant-garde British writers.

    Edgar A. Hill is the principal donor represented, and acquisitions have also been made by purchase. There are several inscribed copies present, including ones to Richard G. Eberhart In Mrs. Comprising over six hundred items, it includes many pamphlets and other sources of prime importance to the study of New Hampshire and the young nation.

    The vast majority of the resources of the Stefansson Collection are from the famous Arctic explorer's own library, which was deposited at the College in and subsequently purchased by the Library through the generosity of the Stefanssons and of Albert Bradley The object of continuing collecting activity--both by gift and by purchase--the collection now has approximately three thousand books.

    It focuses on events in polar exploration before and north of 60deg. Many books in the collection, in consequence, are old and quite rare.

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    Over forty items, largely the gift in of Mrs. Walter Weil. Additions since then have made Dartmouth's holdings of Stein's works published during her lifetime nearly complete. Over sixty titles by this major American poet, being gifts from Donald B. Hopkins , in memory of his son, Nathaniel R. Hopkins Further additions have been made through donations by various other individuals, among them Samuel French Morse , Sister Bernetta Quinn, Leonard C. Van Geyzel, and Richard G. They are located in Sarzana, Italy, a beautiful medieval town situated between Pisa and Genoa, just few minutes away from the beaches of the Italian Riviera.

    Ownership policies and regulations are followed using licensed firearms dealers as transfer agents. Skinner, Inc. It includes information about gun collecting and a page devoted to their museum. WAC puts on one of the largest gun shows in Washington State. The WAC is based on the principles set forth by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution which states that every free citizen has the right to keep and bear arms. The scope of our activities includes all American made bayonets, including those that were produced for export, and also foreign made bayonets that were used by the United States.

    This also includes related accoutrements such as scabbards, frogs,belts,etc. Use it to keep a computerized record of your collection with a variety of ways in which to access your inventory. Jack W. Melton, Jr. Important material from our personal collections, carefully selected over 50 years, will be constantly added to our website.

    We are not the biggest, just the best. All items are guaranteed to be genuine, of the period stated, and in excellent condition. From mine balls to Confederate Battle Flags, they handle it all. They buy, sell, trade and offer appraisal and documentation services as well as textile conservation and restoration. They are also an importer of arms and armor books from Europe and Australia. They specialize in British Swords. Baltimore Knife and Sword Co. Monty Whitley Inc. We travel the world buying and selling only the finest items we can find.

    Pieces are of investment quality. Self-employed since Paul Ambrose Antiques : Specializes in the sale of high quality, original European and American firearms and weapons. David Condon Inc. With over 20 years of experience in cleaning, repairing, and customizing all types of firearms, he has developed quite a few time and temper saving tools to ease the chore of maintaining, repairing, and assembling guns. Its aim is to provide a comprehensive directory of UK militaria dealers for people to search easily and quickly.

    On militaria-net you can locate militaria dealers by an alphabetical search or by a regional search. The site aims to cover all types of dealers from hobbyists to larger businesses which sell internationally. Down East Antiques and Collectibles Inc, is also incorporated in the state of Maine and New Hampshire and is actively involved in the business of antique and collector weapons in the United States. All parts are hand fitted to their original guns before shipment. They also offer some original parts. Ocala also works with estates and collections and sells on a consignment basis as well.

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