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Now, what is weight? Simply the attraction of the earth. How then, can we get rid of this attraction? According to the electrical law above stated, there is an attraction between our planet and the organisms upon it, which keeps them upon the surface of the globe. But the law of gravitation has been counteracted in many instances, by levitation of persons and inanimate objects. The condition of our physical systems, say theurgic philosophers, is largely dependent upon the action of our will. It would then be as natural for him to rush into the air until the repellent force had exhausted itself, as, before, it had been for him to remain upon the ground.

The altitude of his levitation would be measured by his ability, greater or less, to charge his body with positive electricity. This control over the physical forces once obtained, alteration of his levity or gravity would be as easy as breathing. See Isis Unveiled , Vol. Afrits Arab. A name for native spirits regarded as devils by Mussulmen. Elementals much dreaded in Egypt. Love Feasts; the early Christians kept such festivals in token of sympathy, love and mutual benevolence. It became necessary to abolish them as an institution, because of great abuse ; Paul in his First Epistle to the Corinthians complains of misconduct at the feasts of the Christians.

Agastya Sk. In Tamil literature he is credited with having been the first instructor of the Dravidians in science, religion and philosophy. Agathon Gr. Aged Kab. One of the Kabbalistic names for Sephira, called also the Crown, or Kether. Agla Heb. Agneyastra Sk. Agni Sk. Agni Bhuvah Sk. See Sec. A kind of contemplation in Yoga practice, when Kundalini is raised to the extreme and the infinitude appears as one sheet of fire. An ecstatic condition.

Agni Hotri Sk. The priests who served the Fire-God in Aryan antiquity. The term Agni Hotri is one that denotes oblation. A gni-ratha Sk. A kind of flying machine. Spoken of in ancient works of magic in India and in the epic poems. Agnishwattas Sk. A class of Pitris, the creators of the first ethereal race of men.

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Agnoia Gr. Agnostic Gr. A word claimed by Mr. Huxley to have been coined by him to indicate one who believes nothing which can not be demonstrated by the senses. The later schools of Agnosticism give more philosophical definitions of the term. The same almost as the Lipikas of the Secret Doctrine. The same as Saturn. Aham Sk. Ahan Sk. Aheie Heb. He who exists; corresponds to Kether and Macroprosopus. Ah-hi Sensar , Ahi Sk. Ahi Sk. A serpent. A name of Vritra, the Vedic demon of drought. Ahti Scand. Ahu Scand. Ahum Zend. The first three principles of septenary man in the Avesta ; the gross living man and his vital and astral principles.

Ahura Zend. The same as Asura , the holy, the Breath-like. Ahura Mazda Zend. Aidoneus Gr. Aij Talon. The supreme deity of the Yakoot, a tribe in Northern Siberia. Ain-Aior Chald. Ain Heb. The negatively existent; deity in repose, and absolutely passive. Wife of Indra.

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Aindriya Sk. Ain Soph Heb. Ain Soph Aur Heb. Aish Heb. Aisvarikas Sk. Aitareya Sk. Aith-ur Chald. Aja Sk. Ajitas Sk. One of the Occult names of the twelve great gods incarnating in each Manvantara. Also, a form of Vishnu in the second Manvantara. Called also Jayas. Non-knowledge; absence of. Akar Eg. The proper name of that division of the Ker-neter infernal regions, which may be called Hell. The subtle, supersensuous spiritual essence which pervades all space; the primordial substance erroneously identified with Ether.

It is, in fact, the Universal Space in which lies inherent the eternal Ideation of the Universe in its ever-changing aspects on the planes of matter and objectivity, and from which radiates the First Logos , or expressed thought. Isis Unveiled. The great Mogul Emperor of India, the famous patron of religions, arts, and sciences, the most liberal of all the Mussulman sovereigns.

There has never been a more tolerant or enlightened ruler than the Emperor Akbar, either in India or in any other Mahometan country. Akiba Heb. The only one of the four Tanaim initiated prophets who entering the Garden of Delight of the occult sciences succeeded in getting himself initiated while all the others failed. See the Kabbalistic Rabbis. Akshara Sk. Supreme Deity; lit. Akta Sk. The Tortoise, the symbolical turtle on which the earth is said to rest.

Al or El Heb. The plural is Elohim, also translated in the Bible by the word God, in the singular. The God of Fire, an ancient and very mystic name in Koptic Occultism. Alaparus Chald. The second divine king of Babylonia who reigned.. The first king of the divine Dynasty was Alorus according to Berosus. Alaya Sk. Alba Petra Lat. The white stone of Initiation.

Al-Chazari Arab. A Prince-Philosopher and Occultist. See Book Al-Chazari. The Rosicrucians of the middle ages, such as Robertus de Fluctibus Robert Fludd , Paracelsus, Thomas Vaughan Eugenius Philalethes , Van Helmont, and others, were all alchemists, who sought for the hidden spirit in every inorganic matter. Some people— nay, the great majority—have accused alchemists of charlatanry and false pretending. Surely such men as Roger Bacon, Agrippa, Henry Khunrath, and the Arabian Geber the first to introduce into Europe some of the secrets of chemistry , can hardly he treated as impostors— least of all as fools.

Scientists who are reforming the science of physics upon the basis of the atomic theory of Democritus, as restated by John Dalton, conveniently forget that Democritus, of Abdera, was an alchemist, and that the mind that was capable of penetrating so far into the secret operations of nature in one direction must have had good reasons to study and become a Hermetic philosopher.

Olaus Borrichius says that the cradle of alchemy is to be sought in the most distant times. Alchemy ; in Arabic Ul-Khemi, is, as the name suggests, the chemistry of nature. Says Dr.

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Alchemy is studied under three distinct aspects, which admit of many different interpretations, viz. These three methods were typified under the three alchemical properties—sulphur, mercury, and salt. Different writers have stated that there are three, seven, ten, and twelve processes respectively; but they are all agreed that there is but one object in alchemy, which is to transmute gross metals into pure gold. What that gold, however, really is, very few people understand correctly.

No doubt that there is such a thing in nature as transmutation of the baser metals into the nobler, or gold. But this is only one aspect of alchemy, the terrestrial or purely material, for we sense logically the same process taking place in the bowels of the earth. Yet, besides and beyond this interpretation, there is in alchemy a symbolical meaning, purely psychic and spiritual. While the Kabbalist-Alchemist seeks for the realization of the former, the Occultist-Alchemist, spurning the gold of the mines, gives all his attention and directs his efforts only towards the transmutation of the baser quaternary into the divine upper trinity of man, which when finally blended are one.

The spiritual, mental, psychic, and physical planes of human existence are in alchemy compared to the four elements, fire, air, water and earth, and are each capable of a threefold constitution, i. Little or nothing is known by the word concerning the origin of this archaic branch of philosophy; but it is certain that it antedates the construction of any known Zodiac, and, as dealing with the personified forces of nature, probably also any of the mythologies of the world; nor is there any doubt that the true secret of transmutation on the physical plane was known in.

Modern chemistry owes its best fundamental discoveries to alchemy, but regardless of the undeniable truism of the latter that there is but one element in the universe, chemistry has placed metals in the class of elements and is only now beginning to find out its gross mistake. By means of the galvanic battery even the alkalis have been discovered to have a metallic base.

The possibility of obtaining metal from other substances which contain the ingredients composing it, and of changing one metal into another. Nor are all alchemists to be considered impostors. Many have laboured under the conviction of obtaining their object, with indefatigable patience and purity of heart, which is earnestly recommended by sound alchemists as the principal requisite for the success of their labours.

Alcyone Gr. Accordingly both were changed, through the mercy of the gods, into king-fishers. The female is said to lay her eggs on the sea and keep it calm during the seven days before and seven days after the winter solstice. It has a very occult significance in ornithomancy. Alectromancy Gr. Divination by means of a cock, or other bird; a circle was drawn and divided into spaces, each one allotted to a letter; corn was spread over these places and note was taken of the successive lettered divisions from which the bird took grains of corn.

The same as the Kabiri or divine Titans. Aletheia Gr. Alexadrian School of Philosophers. This famous school arose in Alexandria Egypt which was for several centuries the great seat of learning and philosophy. Erasistratus, physicians, musicians, artists, etc. The most celebrated schools of Gnostics had their origin in Alexandria. Alhim Heb. Alkahest Arab. Almeh Arab. Dancing girls; the same as the Indian nautchies, the temple and public dancers. Alpha Polaris Lat. The same as Dhruva , the pole-star of 31, years ago.

Alswider Scand. Altruism Lat. A quality opposed to egoism. Actions tending to do good to others, regardless of self. An alchemic treatise by an unknown German author; dated It is to be found reprinted in the Hermetic Museum; in it is the well known design of a man with legs extended and his body hidden by a seven pointed star.

Ama Heb. Amara-Kosha Sk. The oldest dictionary known in the world and the most perfect vocabulary of classical Sanskrit ; by Amara Sinha, a sage of the second century. The name of the eldest of the seven Pleiades, the heavenly sisters married each to a Rishi belonging to the Saptariksha or the seven Rishis of the constellation known as the Great Bear. See Secret Doctrine -, Vol. Amdo Tib. A sacred locality, the birthplace of Tson-kha-pa, the great Tibetan reformer and the founder of the Gelukpa yellow caps , who is regarded as an Avatar of Amita-buddha.

Jehovah-Adonai is a new form of the ram-headed god Amoun or Ammon q. Amenti Eg. Exoterically the kingdom of Osiris divided into fourteen parts, each of which was set aside for some purpose connected with the after state of the defunct. Among other things, in one of these was the Hall of Judgment.

The fourteen divisions comprised, among many others, Aanroo q. Out of the fifteen gates of the abode of Osiris, there were two chief ones,. But there was no room in Amenti to represent the orthodox Christian Hell.

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The worst of all was the Hall of the eternal Sleep and Darkness. This is the dwelling of the god All-Dead. Each trembles to pray to him, for he hears not. Nobody can praise him, for he regards not those who adore him. Neither does he notice any offering brought to him. Amesha Spentas Zend. The six angels or divine Forces personified as gods who attend upon Ahura Mazda, of which he is the synthesis and the seventh. The original conception of the ideal of an impersonal divine light has been anthrdpomorphized with time. Ammon Eg.

One of the great gods of Egypt. Ammon or Amoun is far older than Amoun-Ra, and is identified with Baal. Hammon, the Lord of Heaven. He is the God of Mystery and the hieroglyphics of his name are often reversed. Ammonius Saccas. He honoured that which was good in Christianity, but broke with it and the churches very early, being unable to find in it any superiority over the older religions. Amrita Sk. The ambrosial drink or food of the gods; the food giving immortality.

An old Vedic term applied to the sacred Soma juice in the Temple Mysteries. Amun Copt. The Egyptian god of wisdom, who had only Initiates or Hierophants to serve him as priests. Anacalypsis Gr. This is a very valuable work, now only obtainable at extravagant prices; it treats of the origin of all myths, religions and mysteries, and displays an immense fund of classical erudition. One who is no longer to be reborn into the world of desire. The third of the four grades of holiness on the way to final Initiation.

The mystic voices and sounds heard by the Yogi at the incipient stage of his meditation, The third of the four states. The sound in its previous stages is not heard except by those who have developed their internal, highest spiritual senses. Anaitia Chald. The disciples of Ammonius Saccas q.

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Subba Row in Five Years of Theosophy. Bliss, joy, felicity, happiness. A name of the favourite disciple of Gautama, the Lord Buddha. Ananga Sk. Ananta-Sesha Sk. The Serpent of Eternity—the couch of Vishnu during Pralaya lit. Anastasis Gr. The continued existence of the soul. Anatu Chald.

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The female aspect of Anu q. She represents the Earth and Depth, while her consort represents the Heaven and Height. She is the mother of the god Hea, and produces heaven and earth. Astronomically she is Ishtar, Venus, the Ashtoreth of the Jews. Anaxagoras Gr. A famous Ionian philosopher who lived B. Socrates, Euripides, Archelaus and other distinguished men and philosophers were among his disciples and pupils. He was a most learned astronomer and was one of the first to explain openly that which was taught by Pythagoras secretly, namely, the movements of the planets, the eclipses of the sun and moon, etc.

These atoms, he taught, were primarily put in motion by Nous Universal Intelligence, the Mahat of the Hindus , which Nous is an immaterial, eternal, spiritual entity; by this combination the world was formed, the material gross bodies sinking down, and the ethereal atoms or fiery ether rising and spreading in the upper celestial regions. Antedating modern science by over years, he taught that the stars were of the same material as our earth, and the sun a glowing mass; that the moon was a dark, uninhabitable body, receiving its light from the sun; the comets, wandering stars or bodies ; and over and above the said science, he confessed himself thoroughly convinced that the real existence of things, perceived by our senses, could not be demonstrably proved.

He died in exile at Lampsacus at the age of seventy-two. Ancients , The. Androgyne Goat of Mendes. Androgyne Ray Esot. Audumla Scand. Fire Star; the planet Mars; in Tibetan, Mig-mar. A son of Daksha ; a lawyer, etc. Angirasas Sk. Angra Mainyus Zend. AnimaMundi Lat. It was feminine with the Gnostics, the early Christians and the Nazarenes; bisexual with other sects, who considered it only in its four lower planes.

Of igneous, ethereal nature in the. Anjala Sk. Anjana Sk. A serpent, a son of Kasyapa Rishi. Annamaya Kosha Sk. A Vedantic term. Annapura Sk. Annedotus Gr. The generic name for the Dragons or Men-Fishes, of which there were five. See Lenormant Chaldean Magic, p. Anoia Gr. Anouki Eg. A form of Isis; the goddess of life, from which name the Hebrew Ank , life.

Ansumat Sk. Antahkarana Sk. The term has various meanings, which differ with every school of philosophy and sect. It serves as a medium of communication between the two, and conveys from the Lower to the Higher Ego all those personal impressions and thoughts of men which can, by their nature, be assimilated and stored by the undying Entity, and be thus made immortal with it, these being the only elements of the evanescent Personality that survive death and time.

It thus stands to reason that. Anthesteria Gr. The Science of man; it embraces among other things :— Physiology , or that branch of natural science which discloses the mysteries of the organs and their functions in men, animals and plants; and also, and especially,— Psychology or the great, and in our days, too much neglected science of the soul, both as an entity distinct from the spirit, and in its relation to the spirit and body. In modern science, psychology deals only or principally with conditions of the nervous system, and almost absolutely ignores the psychical essence and nature.

Physicians denominate the science of insanity psychology, and name the lunacy chair in medical colleges by that designation. Anthropomorphism Gr. The act of endowing god or gods with a human form and human attributes or qualities. Anu Sk. A hint at the pantheistic nature of the god. Anu Chald. He is the Ruler and God of Heaven and Earth. His symbol is a star and a kind of Maltese cross—emblems of divinity and sovereignty.

Both are the types of the Ouranos and Gaia of Hesiod. They sprang from the original Chaos. All his titles and attributes are grapfiic and indicate health, purity physical and moral, antiquity and holiness. Anu was the earliest god of the city of Erech. One of his sons was Bil or Vil-Kan, the god of fire, of various metals, and of weapons. Anubis Gr. The dog -headed god, identical, in a certain aspect, with Horus. He is pre-eminently the god who deals with the disembodied, or the resurrected in post mortem life. Anepou is his Egyptian.

One of the oldest deities in Egypt, Mariette Bey having found the image of this deity in tombs of the Third Dynasty. One of the Upanishads. A very occult treatise. See The sacred Books of the East. Anugraha Sk. Anuki Eg. Anumati Sk. The moon at the full; when from a god—Soma—she becomes a goddess. Anumitis Sk. Inference, deduction in philosophy. Anunnaki Chald. Angels or Spirits of the Earth; terrestrial Elementals also.

Anunit Chald. The goddess of Akkad ; Lucifer, the morning star. Venus as the evening star was Ishtar of Erech. Anuttara Sk. Unrivalled, peerless. Applied to the universal deity, whose essence is everywhere. Aour Chald. The synthesis of the two aspects of astro-etheric light; and the od —the life-giving, and the ob —the death-giving light. A mysterious being, corresponding to the Fohat of the Occultists. It is both a Vedic and an Avestian name.

See Secret Doctrine, Vol. Apap Eg. The symbolical Serpent of Evil. It is Typhon, who having killed Osiris, incarnates in Apap, seeking to kill Horus. Osiris, being, like all the other Solar gods, a type of the Higher Ego Christos , Horus his son is the lower Manas or the personal Ego.

On many a monument one can see Horus, helped by a number of dog-headed gods armed with crosses and spears, killing Apap. George who is Michael and the Dragon, or holiness trampling down sin. Aparoksha Sk. Direct perception. The name is explained and interpreted in various ways in Brahmanical literature. Apavarga Sk. Emancipation from repeated births. Apis Eg. Apis was the bull-god that, on reaching the age of twenty-eight, the age when Osiris was killed by Typhon—was put to death with great ceremony.

It was not the Bull that was worshipped but the Osiridian symbol; just as Christians kneel now before the Lamb, the symbol of Jesus Christ, in their churches. Apocrypha Gr. Very erroneously explained and adopted as doubtful, or spurious. The word means simply secret, esoteric, hidden. Apollo Belvidere. It is called the Pythian Apollo , as the god is represented in the moment of his victory over the serpent Python. The statue was found in the ruins of Antium, in Apollonius of Tyana Gr.

According to the tenets of this school he remained a vegetarian the whole of his long life, fed only on fruit and herbs, drank no wine, wore vestments made only of plant-fibres, walked barefooted, and let his hair grow to its full length, as all the Initiates before and after him. A casual disciple, Damis, however, whom he met on his way, accompanied him in his travels. At Babylon he was initiated by the Chaldees and Magi, according to Damis, whose narrative was copied by one named Philostratus a hundred years later.

After his return from India, he showed himself a true Initiate, in that the pestilences and earthquakes, deaths of kings and other events, which he prophesied duly happened. At Lesbos, the priests of Orpheus, being jealous of him, refused to initiate him into their peculiar mysteries, though they did so several years later. He preached to the people of Athens and other cities the purest and noblest ethics, and the phenomena he produced were as wonderful as they were numerous and well attested.

Quaest, XXIV. But an answer is easily found to this in the fact that after crossing the Hindu Kush, Apollonius had been directed by a king to the abode of the Sages , whose abode it may be to this day, by whom he was taught unsurpassed knowledge. His dialogues with the Corinthian Menippus indeed give us the esoteric catechism and disclose when understood many an important mystery of nature. At the end of his long and wonderful life he opened an esoteric school at Ephesus , and died aged almost one hundred years.

Aporrheta Gr. Secret instructions upon esoteric subjects given during the Egyptian and Grecian Mysteries. Apsaras Sk. Urvasi and several others of them are mentioned in the Vedas. He was born in A. He was an Hermetic philosopher and possessed the power of hypnotizing through music, making those who heard him play the lute laugh, weep, dance and do what he liked.

Some of his works on Hermetic philosophy may be found in the Library of Leyden. Arahat Sk. This was the name first given to the Jain and subsequently to the Buddhist holy men initiated into the esoteric mysteries. The Arhat is one who has entered the best and highest path, and is thus emancipated from rebirth. Arani Sk. Arani is a Swastika , a disc-like wooden vehicle, in which the Brahmins generated fire by friction with pramantha , a stick, the symbol of the male generator. A mystic ceremony with a world of secret meaning in it and very sacred, perverted into phallic significance by the materialism of the age.

Holy hermits, sages who dwelt in ancient India in forests. Also a portion of the Vedas containing Upanishads, etc. Araritha Heb. Arasa Maram Sk. The Hindu sacred tree of knowledge. In occult philosophy a mystic word. Arba-il Chald. The Four Great Gods. Arba is Aramaic for four, and il is the same as Al or El.

Three male deities, and a female who is virginal yet reproductive, form a very common ideal of Godhead. Archangel Gr. Highest supreme angel. Archobiosis Gr. Primeval beginning of life. Archetypal Universe Kab. The ideal universe upon which the objective world was built.

Archons Gr. Archontes Gr. The archangels after becoming Ferouers q. Ardath Heb. This word occurs in the Second Book of Esdras, ix. Siva represented as Androgynous, as half male and half female, a type of male and female energies combined. See occult diagram in Isis Unveiled, Vol. The Greek name for Mars, god of war; also a term used by Paracelsus, the differentiated Force in Cosmos.

Argha Chald. The ark, the womb of Nature; the crescent moon, and a life-saving ship ; also a cup for offerings, a vessel used for religious ceremonies. A follower of Arius, a presbyter of the Church in Alexandria in the fourth century. One who holds that Christ is a created and human being, inferior to God the Father, though a grand and noble man, a true adept versed in all the divine mysteries. Aristobulus Gr An Alexandrian writer, and an obscure philosopher. A Jew who tried to prove that Aristotle explained the esoteric thoughts of Moses. Arithmomancy Gr. The science of correspondences between gods, men, and numbers, as taught by Pythagoras.

Arjuna Sk. Ark of Isis. At the great Egyptian annual ceremony, which took place in the month of Athyr, the boat of Isis was borne in procession by the priests, and Collyrian cakes or buns, marked with the sign of the cross Tat , were eaten. This was in commemoration of the weeping of Isis for the loss of Osiris, the Athyr festival being very impressive. Bonwick Eg. Belief and Mod. Ark of the Covenant. Every ark-shrine, whether with the Egyptians, Hindus, Chaldeans or Mexicans, was a phallic shrine, the symbol of the yoni or womb of nature. The seket of the Egyptians, the ark, or sacred chest, stood on the ara —its pedestal.

Sharpe, the Egyptologist, carried by priests with staves passed through its rings in sacred procession, as the ark round which danced David, the King of Israel. Mexican gods also had their arks. Diana, Ceres, and other goddesses as well as gods had theirs. The ark was a boat—a vehicle in every case.

The arks, whether of the covenant, or of honest, straightforward, Pagan symbolism, had originally and now have one and the same meaning. The chosen people appropriated the idea and forgot to acknowledge its source. In Egypt, as shown by many Egyptologists, the two objects were the emblems of the Two Truths. Wilkinson says the figure of. Truth had closed eyes. Rosellini speaks of the Thmei being worn as a necklace. Diodorus gives such a necklace of gold and stones to the High Priest when delivering judgment. Arka Sk. The Sun. The ancient priests who were attached to the Ark, whether of Isis, or the Hindu Argua, and who were seven in number, like the priests of the Egyptian Tat or any other cruciform symbol of the three and the four , the combination of which gives a male-female number.

The Avgha or ark was the four-fold female principle, and the flame burning over it the triple lingham. Aroueris Gr. The god Harsiesi, who was the elder Horus. He had a temple at Ambos. Horus engendered between them, is not eternal nor incorruptible, but, being always in generation, he endeavours by vicissitudes of imitations, and by periodical passion yearly re-awakening to life to continue always young, as if he should never die. There is indeed, a good deal of mystery about this god, but the meaning of the symbol becomes clear once one has the key to it.

Legend has it that he was one thousand years old at that time. There is a book on dreams by him in the possession of an Alchemist, now in Bagdad , in which he gives out the secret of seeing the past, the present, and the future, in sleep, and of remembering the things seen. There are but two copies of this manuscript extant. The book on Dreams by the Jew Solomon Almulus, published in Hebrew at Amsterdam in , has a few reminiscences from the former work of Artephius.

Artes Eg. The Earth; the Egyptian god Mars. A generic name in South America and the islands for temples of nagalism or serpent worship. Arwaker Scand. The horse of the chariot of the Sun driven by the maiden Sol, in the Eddas. But now the name has become the epithet of a race, and our Orientalists, depriving the Hindu Brahmans of their birth-right, have made Aryans of all Europeans. The earliest Hindu algerbraist and astronomer, with the exception of Asura Maya q. Aryahata Sk. It is, however, so mixed up with Sivaism and Tantrika magic and superstitions, that the work defeats its own end, notwithstanding its remarkable dialectical subtilty.

How unreliable are the conclusions at which our Orientalists arrive, and how contradictory the dates assigned by them, may be seen in the case in hand. Aryavarta Sk. The ancient name for Northern India. A certain degree of ecstatic contemplation. The third stage of Hatha Yoga , one of the prescribed postures of meditation. Asat Sk. The unreal, or Prakriti, objective nature regarded as an illusion.

Nature, or the illusive shadow of its one true essence. Asathor Scand. The same as Thor. A god in the Eddas , who is almost as great as Odin. Asava Samkhaya Pali. A phenomenal knowledge of the finality of the stream of life and the series of re-births. One of the legendary peaks in the Teneriffe range. A great mountain in the traditions of Iran which corresponds in its allegorical meaning to the World-mountain, Meru. Asch Metzareph Heb. The Cleansing Fire, a Kabbalistic treatise, treating of Alchemy and the relation between the metals and the planets.

Ases Scand. The creators of the Dwarfs and Elves, the Elementals below men, in the Norse lays. Asgard Scand. It is evident that the gods of Asgard are the same as the Indian Suras gods and the Jotuns as the Asuras , both representing the conflicting powers of nature—beneficent and maleficent. They are the prototypes also of the Greek gods and the Titans. Ash Heb. Fire, whether physical or symbolical fire; also found written in English as As , Aish and Esch.

Ashen and Langhan Kolarian. Certain ceremonies for casting out evil spirits, akin to those of exorcism with the Christians, in use with the Kolarian tribes in India. Asherah Heb. Ashmog Zend. Ashtadisa Sk. The eight-faced space. An imaginary division of space represented as an octagon and at other times as a dodecahedron. Ashta Siddhis Sk. The eight consummations in the practice of Hatha Yoga. The most ancient of the Hindu works on Magic. Though there is a claim that the entire work is in the hands of some Occultists, yet the Orientalists deem it lost.

A very few fragments of it are now extant, and even these are very much disfigured. Ash Yggdrasil Scand. It is ever green, for the Norns of Fate sprinkle It daily with the water of life from the fountain of Urd, which flows in Midgard. The dragon Nidhogg gnaws its roots incessantly, the dragon of Evil and Sin; but the Ash Yggdrasil cannot wither, until the Last Battle the Seventh Race in the Seventh Round is fought, when life, time, and the world will all vanish and disappear.

Asiras Sk. Elementals without heads; lit. Asita Sk. A proper name; a son of Bharata; a Rishi and a Sage. Ask Scand. Together with the Embla alder the Ask was the tree from which the gods of Asgard created the first man. Plutarch says that the priests used to recite these words over persons who were possessed by devils. Priest-kings of Israel whose dynasty reigned over the Jews for years.

Till the time of John Hyrcanus, they were Ascedeans Chasidim and Pharisees; but later they became Sadducees or Zadokites, asserters of Sacerdotal rule as contradistinguished from Rabbinical. Asoka Sk. There were two Asokas in reality, according to the chronicles of Northern Buddhism, though the first Asoka—the grand father of the second, named by Prof. Moreover, according to the same source, the second Asoka had never followed the Brahmanical faith, but was a Buddhist born. It was his grandsire who had been first converted to the new faith, after which he had a number of edicts inscribed on pillars and rocks, a custom followed also by his grandson.

But it was the second Asoka who was the most zealous supporter of Buddhism; he, who maintained in his palace from 60 to 70, monks and priests, who erected 84, totes and stupas throughout India, reigned 36 years, and sent missions to Ceylon , and throughout the world. Asomatous Gr. Asrama Sk. A sacred building, a monastery or hermitage for ascetic purposes. Every sect in India has its Ashrams. A masonic and mystic order founded by Hassan Sabah in Persia, in the eleventh century. They were simply Sufis and addicted, according to the tradition, to hascheesl-eating, in order to bring about celestial visions.

Assorus Chald. Assur Chald.

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  • A city in Assyria ; the ancient seat of a library from which George Smith excavated the earliest known tablets, to which he assigns a date about B. Assurbanipal Chald. Assyrian Holy Scriptures. Assyrian Tree of Life. But the original Asherah was a pillar with seven branches on each side surmounted by a globular flower with three projecting rays, and no phallic stone, as the Jews made of it, but a metaphysical symbol.

    Asta-dasha Sk. Perfect, Supreme Wisdom; a title of Deity. Astarte, the Syrian goddess the consort of Adon, or Adonai. The ancient goddess of justice, whom the wickedness of men drove away from earth to heaven, wherein she now dwells as the constellation Virgo. The ethereal counterpart or shadow of man or animal.

    Astral Light Occult The invisible region that surrounds our globe, as it does every other, and corresponding as the second Principle of Kosmos the third being Life, of which it is the vehicle to the Linga Sharira or the Astral Double in man. A subtle Essence visible only to a clairvoyant eye, and the lowest but one viz. Eliphas Levi calls it the great Serpent and the Dragon from which radiates on Humanity every evil influence. This is so; but why not add that the Astral Light gives out nothing but what it has received; that it is the great terrestrial crucible, in which the vile emanations of the earth moral and physical upon which the Astral Light is fed, are all converted into their subtlest essence, and radiated back intensified, thus becoming epidemics— moral, psychic and physical.

    Metaphysically, and in its spiritual, or occult sense, ether is a great deal more than is often imagined. In occult physics, and alchemy, it is well demonstrated to enclose within its shoreless waves not only Mr. Alchemists and Hermetists believe that their astral , or sidereal ether, besides the above properties of sulphur, and white and red magnesia, or magnes , is the anima mundi, the workshop of Nature and of all the Kosmos, spiritually, as well as physically. The designation astral is ancient, and was used by some of the Neo-platonists, although it is claimed by some that the word was coined by the Martinists.

    The root of this word may be found, perhaps, in the Scythic Aist-aer —which means star, or the Assyrian Istar, which, according to Burnouf has the same sense. Astrolatry Gr. Worship of the Stars. Astrology Gr. The Science which defines the action of celestial bodies upon mundane affairs, and claims to foretell future events from the position of the stars. Its antiquity is such as to place it among the very earliest records of human learning. It remained for long ages a secret science in the East, and its final expression remains so to this day, its exoteric application having been brought to any degree of perfection in the West only during the period of time since Varaha Muhira wrote his book on Astrology some years ago.

    Claudius Ptolemy, the famous geographer and mathematician, wrote his treatise Tetrabiblos. The science of Horoscopy is studied now chiefly under four heads: viz. The Egyptians and the Chaldees were among the most ancient votaries of Astrology, though their modes of reading the stars and the modern practices differ considerably. Two things are known: a that Thebes in Egypt claimed the honour of the invention of Astrology; and b that it was the Chaldees who taught that science to the other nations. All tends, therefore, to corroborate the Egyptian claim.

    If later on the name of Astrologer fell into disrepute in Rome and elsewhere, it was owing to the fraud of those who wanted to make money by means of that which was part and parcel of the sacred Science of the Mysteries, and, ignorant of the latter, evolved a system based entirely upon mathematics, instead of on transcendental metaphysics and having the physical celestial bodies as its upadhi or material basis. Yet, all persecutions notwithstanding, the number of the adherents of Astrology among the most intellectual and scientific minds was always very great.

    If Cardan and Kepler were among its ardent supporters, then its later votaries have nothing to blush for, even in its now imperfect and distorted form. As said in Isis Unveiled 1. In astrology and psychology one has to step beyond the visible world of matter, and enter into the domain of transcendent spirit. Astronomos Gr.

    The title given to the Initiate in the Seventh Degree of the reception of the Mysteries. In days of old, Astronomy was synonymous with Astrology; and the great Astrological Initiation took place in Egypt at Thebes, where the priests perfected, if they did not wholly invent the science.

    Having passed through the degrees. No Jacket. Paul Hardy illustrator. Pictorial board Hardcover, gold lettering and viking ship on spine. Spotting on page edges, inscription on front endpaper. Front board decorated with a three colour figure of a viking with ships in the background in a panel flanked by shamrocks. Not ex. Tales from early Irish history from the introduction of Christianity up to its triumph over paganism.

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