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Blood and Ink

Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Saturday 06 July Hilary Mantel: Ink in the Blood Jane Shilling on the exhilarating possibilities offered by Hilary Mantel's short work of non-fiction, Ink in the Blood, now offered as an e-book. By Jane Shilling. Book Reviews. Related Partners. I think everything she writes is superb, but not all readers would agree with me.

I have Wolf Hall on my shelf, but it's kind of intimidating. Perhaps I should start elsewhere. I have a feeling I'll love her writing once I jump in, and the passages you've quoted here reinforce that feeling. I'd not heard of this one either -- thanks for bringing it to my attention!

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Hilary and I don't run in the same circles, I'm afraid. I've tried both Beyond Black and Wolf Hall and didn't mesh with her at all. But for the sake of all those who adore her I'm glad her health has improved. Erin, although it's not typical of her work in general I would suggest starting with her memoir 'Giving Up the Ghost'. I think it throws a tremendous light on her fiction, She really did have the most appalling childhood.

Ink In The Blood: A Hospital Diary by Hilary Mantel

Anbolyn, thank you. I know a lot of readers who have difficulty with her. I think she's worth persevering with because she rarely writes the same type of book twice, so there's always the chance you might get on with something else. I love Hilary Mantel. I've been holding back on reading Wolf Hall since there's a sequel; I know I'll want to read them close together if not back to back. I thought I'd read her hospital diary on-line a couple months back, but now I'm wondering if I read a mere excerpt.

Hilary Mantel: Ink in the Blood

Her hallucinations reminded me very much of the ones I had while I was hospitalized with preeclampsia. Susan, it may well be the same thing. It is very short and I can see that it would have been a good subject to post online.

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I've only had hallucinations occasionally when my adrenaline levels have been over the top and nothing like Mantel describes. If you've had the same thing then you have my sympathy.

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I didn't get on very well with Beyond Black, and I've been uncertain about reading Mantel again, but it's good to hear that her writing is very diverse, because that makes another try seem worthwhile. I haven't heard of many books, even short ones, being published only online, but my guess is that it will happen more and more. Dorothy, tentatively, because it's always difficult recommending books, I think, I would say try 'An Experiment in Love'. It's sort of a coming of age novel, although defining any of Mantel's novels is a difficult business.

It's also much shorter than any of the others so if you don't like it you won't have invested that much time. I loved Wolf Hall, and I didn't know there was a sequel coming! That is great news. I like the sound of Ink in the Blood.

Musings, I suppose the only downside for the reader is that Mantel's illness means we are going to have to wait some time for the second part and that's going to force me at least to have to re-read 'Wolf Hall'.