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Others are created for an online audience. Some charge. Many are free. There are far fewer restrictions on education than at any point in human history. People can learn anything they want, either for free or a relatively small fee, compared to the cost of a formal education. From coding and computer engineering to maths, accountancy, and languages - there are dozens of apps and platforms that teach new skills and languages, either connecting them to tutors, or online resources, or a mix of the two, in new and creative ways. Technology and education go perfectly well together providing exciting opportunities for learning and teaching.

Here are a few examples of innovative e-learning solutions that are transforming how students learn new languages and skills.

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Learning English is not easy. Especially if you've come to an English-speaking country, and knowing the language and various colloquialisms is essential for your career or studies, you could struggle without some assistance.

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  7. Traditionally, students new to countries such as the UK or Ireland, would need to find tutors in language colleges, or university notice boards. Live the Lingo , created by an Irish-owned company, is a platform that helps students connect with tutors often other students , schedule a lesson, perform live video calls and pay for lessons. Everyone benefits, and these calls can be done on any device, making it easier for tutors and students to learn the language from any location. STAV Online is a platform designed to make it easier and more fun for Danish children - native-born and international students - to learn the language and grammar.

    STAV Online is an interactive e-learning platform that fuses progressive educational practices with modern web technologies and makes learning Danish efficient and fun, with gamification built into the design and user experience. With a points-based system, a leaderboard and badges to earn, students in primary schools will compete to win prizes and points.

    eLearning And The Modern Education System

    All of this supports the work of teachers, making their workloads easier as they can simply set a task on the app and let students learn in the classroom or at home it is designed for PCs and tablets. PrepJet PrepJet is a continuing learning platform for those who are studying to pass mental health licensing exams in California.

    4 Modern-Day Learning Trends in Education

    Studying for these exams often involves a lot of field work, with little or no supervision time, which makes it difficult to visit patients, undergo therapy and conduct practical studies carrying around a lot of files and folders. PrepJet simplifies this process, putting everything a student will need in the cloud. All three are great examples - amongst hundreds - of e-learning platforms and applications that are transforming traditional processes and ways of learning. Even if what people are learning is changing at a much slower pace, the technology now exists that breaks down barriers, makes education more accessible and encourages many more to learn new subjects and skills.

    Its main use is to enable students learn better through increasing their engagement in educational activities.

    MODERN EDUCATION SYSTEM. THE PRO’S AND CON’S. | //néa táxi pragmáton//

    Technology has to facilitate and stimulate individual learning. With a lot of us now depend over the technology we can be certain that technology eases our way of leaving. From any part of our home to up to the outside you can see what technology provide us. We can say that there is really a big impact that technology provided us.

    Here are a few major ways technology has changed education over the […]. As a result, they are able to conduct these exams without the involvement of humans, the results are announced online as well. These kind of assessments are especially of relevance […]. I've attached a link for a possible investigation and some ideas. Overall, as a result, technology helps […].

    To what extent has technology impacted education in these modern times? Below are some of the advantages of technology in modern […]. Teachers who use immediate feedback on student progress will help their students achieve greater […]. The Tech Edvocate. Request a Product Review. Digital Storytellers Take Page and Stage. What Parents Really Want from Edtech. Spread the love. Matthew Lynch.

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    Just how effective are language learning apps? July 29, EdTech News. A new challenge as more schools go online: Can educators expand digital learning to every classroom and home? October 24, Technology has to facilitate and stimulate individual learning thank you for this information. Leave a reply Cancel reply.