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Luchas decoloniales. Mina de oro Esperanza vs Centro Urbano Morelos. Cruce de miradas desde la territorialidad y los saberes tradicionales en salud, Congreso de Morelos, entre outros. Daniel Santiago Chaves Ribeiro. Tem publicado diversos livros e artigos em revistas internacionais. Thompson eds. Gender, Power and Pedigree, Muenster et al. Contact details: andrea. Khan, M. Meneses and B. Bertelsen eds. Interdisciplinary challenges and reflections. Leiden: Brill. Claudia Lucia Bisaggio Soares. His research interests include French colonial and postcolonial thought, the question of citizenship between colonialism and immigration, the crisis of democracy.

Between his recent works: La democrazia dei moderni: storia di una crisi, Firenze University Press, Firenze ; Multiculturalismo alla francese? E com que motivo. Darem uns acoites para jogarem melhor, como se fazia da antigamente???. Quanto aos dados. Por toda a gente a fazer o mesmo. No final pago 5 euros e tenho que assinar um papel onde autorizo a que conste os dados que acabo de dor. Paguei e fui fazer coisas mais proveitosas.

Isto tudo para escrever, que o tal museu da Portugalidade estamos perante um problema semelhante. Muda, reconfigura-se. De criar a nossa identidade europeia. A biblioteca de Alexandria e o Museu. Que sabia fazer contas da tabuada. No somos feitos de tempo e vivemos no tempo. Mas, podemos acrescentar qualquer coisa. As listagens sempre me fascinaram. Os meus pais falavam comigo em Italiano. Eu nunca falava em dialeto.

Apesar disso, vivia num ambiente onde se falava dialeto e eu compreendia bem esse dialeto. Agora, falo bem o dialeto. Quando morrer recordar-me-ei de tudo. Concepts of popular, alternative and community communication revisited, and the re-elaborations in the sector. Study about the theoretical aspects of popular, alternative and community communication, emphasizing the re-elaborations processed nowadays. The objective is to recover its concepts in the context of social movements and communities, observing their congruence and distinctions. Joana Puntel , p.

Muitos autores6 [7] latino-americanos dedicaram-se a estudos nessa linha de pesquisa. Para Festa , p. Ele , p. Sem eliminar os formatos mais tradicionais, como o alto-falante e bicicleta ou carro de som. Neste caso, denomina-se imprensa alternativa. Como afirma Raimundo Rodrigues Pereira , pp.

Para Bernardo Kucinski , p. Como enfatiza Wanderley , p. Situa-se no universo dos movimentos sociais populares no processo de lutas por direitos de cidadania. Krohling Peruzzo e muitos outros. Segundo Festa , pp. Demanda uma busca constante. Primer Encuentro Internacional de la Red Sentipensante. Pedro Pereira Leite Researcher and professor. More Posts - Website Follow Me:. O Governo entrou na fase final da legislatura. Ver aqui o comunicado da Companhia Mascarenhas Martins.

El libro en cifras. Artistic work and structural organization of theater groups in Lisbon area. Mobility Matters. Evaluate the financial gap of different cultural and creative sectors to support the impact assessment of the creative Europe programme, IDEA Consult for the European Commission, Culture 3. Tese de doutoramento. Santos, Maria de Lourdes Lima dos Lisboa : D. Quixote, Maria Paula Duarte. Maria de Lourdes Lima dos Santos. Maria de Lourdes Lima dos Santos ; colab. Margarida Carvalho].

Primo, Judite Santos Lisboa Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa A. Lisboa Miso Music Portugal M. Lisboa Musicamera, Lda A. Lisboa Cegada Grupo de Teatro A. Lisboa Grupo Teatroesfera A. A cultura colaborativa nos museus Entrevista com Pompea Tavares [1] que se encontra a efetuar um trabalho de pesquisa sobre museus locais.

Economia popular. Preaching to the converted? An analysis of the UK public for space exploration. Uranus Pathfinder: exploring the origins and evolution of Ice Giant planets. Investigating public space exploration support in the UK. Changing self-medication practices, lay knowledge and rationales. The sociology of creativity: Part I: theory: the social mechanisms of innovation and creative developments in selectivity environments. The sociology of creativity: PART II: applications: the socio-cultural contexts and conditions of the production of novelty.

Distributive justice: from Steinhaus, Knaster, and Banach to Elster and Rawls: the perspective of sociological game theory. Not bystanders any longer: social sciences, social responsibility and sustainability research in an emerging revolution. Internet, children and space: revisiting generational attributes and boundaries. Children and digital diversity: from unguided rookies' to self-reliant cybernauts'. Perfis dos utilizadores da internet em Portugal.

Do multiculturalismo ao interculturalismo. Producing interculturality: repertoires, strategies and spaces. Social inequalities and collective action in times of crisis: the case of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area. Collective action on an individual and local scale: sociological profiles and portraits. The confident forecaster. Lessons from the upscaling of the electricity industry in England and Wales. Squabbling sisters: multinational companies and Middle East oil prices. Waiting for the energy crisis: Europe and the United States on the eve of the first oil shock.

The anxiety of abundance: William Stanley Jevons and coal scarcity in the nineteenth century. The iron industry energy transition. Revolution and policy failure: the s Portuguese Republic. The European debate on rate systems in the interwar period. Oil in the age of steam. When the South emulates the North: energy policies and nationalism in the twentieth century. Enterprises, incentives and networks: the formative years of the electrical network in Portugal, — Cartelization and corporatism: bureaucratic rule in authoritarian Portugal, Por um desenvolvimento Social Urbano.

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Tracing normal lives: between stigma and the will to be Cigano. Em busca de reconhecimento nas periferias urbanas. Juventude, etnicidade e classe social. O estigma de viver na Quinta da Fonte. Sociabilidades Juvenis em Contexto Urbano. Um olhar sobre alguns jovens do bairro do Alto da Cova da Moura. The influence of cultural sensitivity in social work practice with immigrants. The role of friendship, trust, and love in happy German marriages. Propuestas para un desarrollo de calidad. Spanish-Moroccan families in a context of family diversity in Spain: challenges for the construction of interculturalism.

Spanish journals of social work. Unrecognized rights, nonexistent laws: the invisibility of foreign teenage mothers: a challenge for social work in Spain. When knowledge is not enough: elements to strengthen intercultural sensitivity among professionals of social services in Andalusia Spain. Famiglie e coppie miste in Andalusia. Analisi di un fenomeno in costruzione. Building families in a migration context. Romanians in Spain Measuring media and information literacy skills: construction of a test. Finding sensory profilers amongst red wine composition: a novel nationwide approach.

Sensory profile of portuguese white wines using long-term memory: a novel nationwide approach. To adapt or to disregard? Presidentialism and voter turnout in legislative elections. Corruption and turnout in Portugal - a municipal level study. In the end, who are the experts? At risk young people in qualitative education research.

A contribution to the sociology of modern work. Que objectos? To stay or to migrate: siblings and life transitions in 19th century Ribeira Seca, Azores. The Indians in the urban settlements in Amazonia in the late 18th century: a demographic perspective.

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Counting Portuguese colonial populations, — a research note. Settlers for the empire: the demography of the Azores Islands — Exploring illegitimacy in Portugal during the 19th century. Population censuses in the Portuguese empire, research notes. The Europeanisation of social policies in Portugal. Quantas vidas cabem numa vida? Gendering social mobility: a comparative perspective on the nexus of education and class in Europe.

Reconocimiento de competencias experienciales de adultos, en Portugal : hallazgos y debilidades. Rights and indigenous adolescence in Mexico: new subjects, new dilemmas. Socialization and inequality: a biographical approach to the working class in Portugal. On full-time primary schools: opportunities, challenges and good practices. Support, social networks and the family in Portugal: two decades of research. Differential and cumulative effects of life course events in an intergenerational perspective: social trajectories of three-generation family lineages.

Families and Informal Support Networks in Portugal: the reproduction of inequality. Internet-driven changes in environmental NGO action. Os movimentos ambientalistas. Cultural mapping as a development tool. Human security and refugee protection after September a reassessment. Translocal mobility systems: social inequalities and flows in the wild berry industry. Social capital and socio-demographic changes: from non-differentiation to multifocalisation.

Multiple disparities: earning inequalities in Lisbon. Contornos de uma sociologia da periferia. Is mobility a question of social inequality? A agricultura familiar em Portugal: rupturas e continuidades. Albernoa revisited: tracking social capital in a Portuguese village. Orquestra da Boba: lugar de sonoridades plurais. Communication in organizations and degree evaluation: what is the relationship between the two concepts? Archiving anthropology in Portugal. Coentros e garam masala. The role of Diu in the Hindu-Gujarati diaspora in Portugal.

Locating Portuguese hindus: transnationality in urban settings. O Programa Especial de Realojamento. Hindu transnational families: transformation and continuity in Diaspora families. Samosas and saris: informal economies in the informal city among Portuguese Hindu families. Realojamento em zonas de fronteira urbana. The Impact of eHealth and mHealth on doctor behavior and patient involvement: an Israeli and Portuguese comparative approach. Health information technology implementation - Impacts and policy considerations: a comparison between Israel and Portugal.

Families in Europe. Marketing social de curto passado a futuro promissor. Internet and health contents. Satisfaction with higher education: critical data for student development? The presence of carnism on Portuguese television. Between acceptance and veto: the meat perceptual dimensions. A arte como discurso: a identidade como mercadoria.

O problema da ordem. A nossa escola e o meu bairro. O segmento esquecido! Scivolando verso il basso. The unseen protagonists. Orgullo mestizo. Crisi e risorse familiari. Processi di riproduzione e agency tra giovani figli di ecuadoriani a Genova. Latin American immigration to Spain: discourses and practices from 'la madre patria'. O Artigo Chinese descendants' professional pathways: moving to new businesses? Chinese migration to Portugal: trends and perspectives. Patterns of bi-national couples across five EU countries. Comparing bi-national partnerships in Spain and Italy.

Family and social dynamics among European mixed couples. How and where to find NPS users: a comparison of methods in a cross national survey amongst three groups of current users of new psychoactive substances in Europe. Sharing, group-buying, social supply, offline and online dealers: how users in a sample from six European countries procure New Psychoactive Substances NPS. Health and social problems associated with recent Novel Psychoactive Substance NPS use amongst marginalised, nightlife and online users in six European countries.

Digital learning in higher education: a training course for teaching online — Universidade Aberta, Portugal. Socio-demographic characteristics and consumption patterns of drug users: syntesis of outcome research at a TC for a 10 year range. Becoming a lawyer in a large law firm: the idea of the unstoppable worker. The Portuguese free radio movement in the Southern European context. Radio regulation in Portugal: a contribution to the study of a decision making process. Performance, organisation and inequality in education systems: an international comparison of the dynamics of schooling.

Portugal, um lugar de fronteira na Europa: uma leitura de indicadores socioeducacionais. Maker cultures and the prospects for technological action. Social sciences in the transdisciplinary making of sustainable artifacts. Sustainable technologies and transdisciplinary futures: from collaborative design to digital fabrication. Opening up technologies to the social: between interdisciplinarity and citizen participation. Towards participations of social sciences and humanities in the oractical realms of technology.

Desigualdades escolares e desigualdades sociais. Women and labor market: work family conflict and career self-management. A Marcha Mundial das Mulheres e os novos movimentos sociais. Fake news and its impact on trust in the news. Using the portuguese case to establish lines of differentiation. A contribution to the debate on the redefinition of the networked public sphere based on Portuguese public participation in cyberspace.

Um estudo longitudinal sobre os principais indicadores de desempenho no sector da imprensa escrita tradicional portuguesa. Neo-realismo americano em Wendy and Lucy. The more doctors program in Brazil under the perspective of the public policies cycle: argument for debate based on the analysis of Heider Pinto and colleagues. Guest editorial. Professions under suspicion: what role for professional ethics and commitment in contemporary societies? A call for action to establish a research agenda for building a future health workforce in Europe.

Editorial: Professions and professionalism in market-driven societies. Revisiting medicalization: a critique of the assumptions of what counts as medical knowledge. Doctors' reflexivity in hospital organisations: the nexus between institutional and behavioural dynamics in the sociology of professions. Hybrid management, organizational configuration, and medical professionalism: evidence from the establishment of a clinical directorate in Portugal. The impact of the financial crisis on human resources for health policies in three southern-Europe countries.

The interplay between managerialism and medical professionalism in hospital organisations from the doctors' perspective: a comparison of two distinctive medical units. The individualization of rights in healthcare: an analytical contribution. New Public Management in the Portuguese health sector: a comprehensive reading.

An open-system approach of medical professionalism: a controversy within the sociology of professions. Convergencia y diversidad. Tracking e-learning through published papers: a systematic review. Assessing the main determinants of entrepreneurship in Portugal. Cultural organizations, collaborative contexts and publics: how they become small communities. Les architectes au Portugal : entre la vocation et la profession. Structural change and diversity in theatrical groups: an empirical study in the Lisbon area. Artistas em rede ou artistas sem rede? Gender differences in psychosocial determinants of self-perceived health among Portuguese older adults in nursing homes.

National food, nutrition, and physical activity survey of the Portuguese general population : protocol for design and development. Clinical practice in Portuguese sexology. National food, nutrition and physical activity survey of the Portuguese general population. Sexology as a profession in Portugal: sociographical composition and self-nomination of Portuguese sexologists. Erectile dysfunction in primary care: sexual health inquiry and cardiovascular risk factors among patients with no previous cardiovascular events. National survey of the Portuguese elderly nutritional status: study protocol.

SAIMI study - health and health care access by immigrants from the Indian subcontinent in Lisbon: what recommendations for equitable and culturally adequate health care?

The inclusion of community knowdlege on territorial development

Overweight prevalence in Brazilian and African immigrants living in Portugal. PRAdA intervention: effects on weight of dietary intervention among treated hypertensive Portuguese natives and African immigrants. General practitioners' procedures for sexual history taking and treating sexual dysfunction in primary care. General practitioners' knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and practices in the management of sexual dysfunction-results of the Portuguese SEXOS study. Prevalence, severity, and risk factors for erectile dysfunction in a representative sample of 3, Portuguese men aged 40 to 69 years attending primary healthcare centers: results of the Portuguese erectile dysfunction study.

Stories of young dropouts: a social survey of success and failure. EU Post Lab: developing experiences of administrative cooperation and enhanced access to information in the framework of the posting of workers - preliminary report. EU Post Lab: developing experiences of administrative cooperation and enhanced access to information in the framework of the posting of workers - assessment report.

IAU Triennial Report. The Case of Portugal. Abstention in the European Parliament Elections of The European Collaborative Economy: A research agenda for policy support. Report on migration, ethnicity and resilience: portuguese national report. Resilient households and welfare state institutions : portuguese national report. Longitudinal and biographical aspects of resilience: portuguese national report. Report on gender aspects of household resilience: portuguese national report. Socio-economic practices of resilience: portuguese national report.

National report on fieldwork: portuguese national report. Cultural practices of resilient households: portuguese national report. International State of the Art Report. Portugal state of the art report. Um novo PER? Digital News Report Portugal. Reuters Digital News Report Portugal. Immigrant Women in Portugal: migration trajectories, main problems and policies — Research in Progress,.

Manifesto para uma nova cultura penal. Manifesto for a new penal culture. Prison Conditions in Portugal. Country Report 2, , Portugal. Citizenship, social solidarity and crisis. Young Homeless — Interviews in Portugal. Success at school by volunteering. Statistical report ]. Design of Disability Policies and Measures in Portugal. The International Classification Functioning, Health and Disability as a Framework for disability policy design and deployment. An international perspective on modelling disability policy-making. Modelling Disability within a Social Policy Framework. Evaluation Report SAS.

Educational challenges in southern europe. Equity and efficiency in a time of crisis ECSE. Public administration characteristics in Portugal. Sharing Best Practices in introducing and teaching ethics principles to public administration employees — the case of Portugal. Immigrants and Ethnic Minorities in European Cities. Creative Europe. Thematic Study on Policy Measures concerning disadvantaged Youth. The Societal Implications of Nanotechnology. Women and Science: Review of the situation in Portugal.

New Psychoactive Substances: transnational project on different user groups, user characteristics, extent and patterns of use, market dynamics, and best practices in prevention — final report. Ethics dialogues. Protocol for the Assessment of Progress. O que devem saber os Jornalistas? Votar no Estrangeiro. Jovens Como os Outros? Best practices in alternatives to prison — Portugal.

The Network Society in Portugal Survey. O Jornalismo Hoje. Os portais do internet gatekeeping. Falar da Vida e Vidas de Artistas. Pedro Costa. As Mulheres nas Artes e nos Media. Mecenato cultural de empresa em Portugal coord. Maria de Lourdes Lima dos Santos. Factores e Tipos de Pobreza em Portugal. Perspectivas Cruzadas. Quadros Sociais de Envelhecimento. Ambientes Urbanos. Dar Voz aos Utentes. Dez Anos de Mecenato Cultural em Portugal. Lisboa — Prospectiva de um Futuro Incerto. O Turismo em Lagos. Pilot project for the development of a common methodology on reference budgets in Europe The Portuguese food basket.

Sucesso escolar e perfis organizacionais. Final Report: LocalWays Project. Concurso de Arquitectura Desafios Urbanos. O caminho das arvores e os lugares sagrados. Habitar Portugal The functioning of political parties and women's participation in politics and parties in Portugal. Both, Anne, Les managers et leurs discours. Review: Mikala Hyldig Dal ed. Sammelrezension: Bildung und soziale Ungleichheit.

Editorial Reviews

Rezension: Keller, Reiner: Diskursforschung. Take the Rich Off Welfare. Bernard Poulet. The Erasmus Phenomen. Symbol of a New European Generation? Picturing the cosmos. A visual history of early Soviet space endeavour. Dan Woodman and Andy Bennett eds Youth cultures, transitions, and generations: bridging the gap in youth research. Vera Weiler ed. The Collapse of an Economic Order? Daniele Albertazzi et al. Cultures of Opposition under Berlusconi Ellen W. Visual and Literary Negotiations of the National Text. Children of dictatorship.

Xente de orde. O consentimento ao franquismo en Galicia. O sistema de ensino em Portugal. Trinta anos depois. Movimentos Estudantis em Coimbra.

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Mujeres encarceladas. Pierre Baron et alii, On bosse ici, on reste ici! Pietro Daniel Omodeo ed. Leiden and Boston: Brill, Christoph Rothmann's Discourse on the Comet of An Edition and Translation with Accompanying Essays. Bernardino Telesio. Telesio and celestial novelties. Giordano Bruno. From the Ancient World to the Nineteenth Century.

Cultura e Religione a Padova tra Cinque e Seicento. A Biografia e as Biografias dos reis de Portugal. Pierre Vilar o Mestre. Review: Risorse di cittadinanza. Review: Vite clandestine. Frammenti, racconti e altro sulla prostituzione e la tratta di esseri umani in provincia di Napoli [Andrea Morniroli, Napoli: Gesco, ].

Review: Racconti di trafficking. Una ricerca sulla tratta delle donne straniere a scopo di sfruttamento sessuale [Emiliana Baldoni, Milano: Franco Angeli, ]. Dissecting Tahrir: transduction, autogestion and liberal democracy. Lieux, situations, mouvements. Louvain-la-Neuve, Academia-Bruylant, Coll. Anthropologie Prospective, no. Kimberly Dacosta Holton e Andrea Klimt, Portuguese in the Americas aeries, community, culture and the makings of identity.

Portuguese-Americans along the Eastern Seaboard. Sociabilidade Urbana. Jorge Zahar Editores, Rio de Janeiro. Pujadas e F. Review of "Forces for Good?

Números em texto integral

Military Masculinities and Peacebuilding in Afghanistan and Iraq". Review of Woodward, R. The revolution in school or a school in revolution. About a recent essay. Farewell to the Empire: history, memory and decolonization - Book Review.

Antecedentes e expressões atuais da economia solidária

Art of the Deal. Contemporary Art in a Global Financial Market. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Lisboa: Celta Editora. Porto: Porto Editora. Lisboa: Educa. As Direitas na Democracia Portuguesa. ISBN: Reconstructing sociology: the critical realist approach, de D. Ethnic Boundary Making. Registos do Ator Plural. Bernard Lahire na Sociologia Portuguesa. Former leaders in modern democracies: political sunsets. Woodstock: Princeton University Press, Loader, B.

Nepalese ir regular immigrants in agriculture in Portugal: Profiles, Experiences and Networks. Efficacy and equity: Evolution of social differentiation between elementary schools and their results in a Portuguese municipality. Nas malhas do exame. Succeeding against the odds: Afro-Portuguese youth in Higher Education.

Conditions of access and experiences of young people of African origins in Portuguese Higher Education. Conditions of possibility: higher education access of African origin students in Portugal despite adverse socioeconomic conditions. Moving ahead in the educational systems: The complexities, conditions and experiences of youth of African origin in Portuguese Higher Education.

Preliminary results]. The attitudes of Portuguese farmers towards agri-environmental measures: some results of an empirical study. Mass mobilization and cartelization in politically competitive trade unionism: trajectories of trade union-political party relations in Portugal under democracy. Trajectories of trade union-political party relationships in Portugal under democracy. Que novos rumos para o sindicalismo docente?

Vidas de gestores lidas pelos critical management studies CMS. Portugal: Austerity and adjustment and union strategies. Associativismo patronal em Portugal durante a crise: o caso da CIP. Professores e reformas educativas: os seus sindicatos e o seu sindicalismo.