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While on LSD at a party in late March , Watson explained, he and two Manson girls realized they themselves were "the monkeys As they started "bouncing around the apartment, throwing food against the walls, and laughing hysterically", they were, in their own view if not that of the others in attendance , "all love—spontaneous, childlike love". It would seem Watson took the song's "me and my monkey[s]" to signify Manson and the Family, though he does not say it that way; he fails to indicate whether the interpretation was brought to Manson's attention.

Manson himself invoked " Yellow Submarine ", a Beatles song that was released in and that inspired an animated movie of the same title. The movie was released in the United States in November , within a week or so of the White Album. In the first months of , after he had delivered the Helter Skelter prophecy around the New Year's Eve campfire near Death Valley, Manson applied the name "Yellow Submarine" to a canary-yellow, Canoga Park house to which the Family repaired at his instruction.

There, as they would prepare for Helter Skelter, they would be "submerged beneath the awareness of the outside world". Look at [the Beatles'] songs: songs sung all over the world by the young love; it ain't nothin' new It's written in Revelation, all about the four angels programming the holocaust It's all in black and white, in The White Album —white, so there ain't no mistakin' the color If Manson's interest in and references to Magical Mystery Tour constituted a prologue to his focus on the White Album , there was also a kind of epilogue in the form of Family references to Abbey Road , the Beatles album that came after the White Album.

Abbey Road was released in the United Kingdom in late September , [61] [62] [63] after the murders. By that time, most of the Family was at the group's camp in the Death Valley area, searching for the Bottomless Pit. In the second week of October, the desert redoubts were raided by law officers who found the Family with stolen vehicles, including dune buggies; Manson and several others were arrested.

In October , the prosecution offered testimony about the door during Manson's trial for the Tate-LaBianca murders ; but only the "Helter Skelter" inscription seems to have been noted. In late September or early October , [68] before the arrests, Tex Watson had left the desert camp and gone on to separate himself from the Family. Late in the separation, he, too, bought a cassette recording of Abbey Road. Walking for miles across the desert to rejoin the Family in late October, he played his tape continuously to see what The Beatles might have to tell him.

When, at the last moment, he turned back, an old prospector informed him the arrests had taken place. Watson returned to his native Texas , where his own arrest, for the Tate-LaBianca murders, occurred a month later. In late July , while Manson was on trial, three persons were hacked, two fatally, on the beach near Santa Barbara, California. One of the Manson girls spoke of this incident as " Maxwell's Silver Hammer ", an Abbey Road song that plainly is about homicidal madness. Manson entranced youths of the s, and at first he and his Family represented a peaceful, harmonious, and loving revolution to strive for a better world than they inherited.

To Tex Watson , Manson had exactly the type of love that he needed. Watson, who, as noted above, was with Manson when Manson first heard the White Album, took part in both the Tate murders and the LaBianca murders. Indeed, in his own recounting of the crimes, he is the only killer to participate directly in every one of the seven homicides and is the sole killer of at least three of the victims. On the late day he and Manson first heard the album, Watson separated himself from the Family, [77] which he did not rejoin until the following March By that time, Manson's prophecy had captured the group's imagination, but Watson would be a while in grasping its details.

In his autobiography as told to Ray Hoekstra , he wrote as follows:. Although I got it in bits and pieces, some from the women and some from Manson himself, it turned out to be a remarkably complicated yet consistent thing that he [Manson] had discovered and developed in the three months we'd been apart. It was exciting, amazing stuff Charlie was teaching, and we'd sit around him for hours as he told us about the land of milk and honey we'd find underneath the desert and enjoy while the world above us was soaked in blood.

At his trial for the Tate-LaBianca murders, Manson was permitted to testify, after the attorneys for the other defendants and him had attempted to rest their case, without calling a single witness. Lest he violate the California Supreme Court 's decision in People v.


Aranda by implicating his co-defendants, the jury was removed from the courtroom. It means confusion, literally. It doesn't mean any war with anyone.

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It doesn't mean that some people are going to kill other people Helter Skelter is confusion. Confusion is coming down around you fast. If you can't see the confusion coming down around you fast, you can call it what you wish. As to there having been a conspiracy, of which he was alleged to have been a part, to commit the murders, Manson said this:.

Is it a conspiracy that the music is telling the youth to rise up against the establishment because the establishment is rapidly destroying things? Is that a conspiracy? The music speaks to you every day, but you are too deaf, dumb, and blind to even listen to the music It is not my conspiracy. It is not my music. I wish I could return it and get the hard copy, it is really a good book but I do not enjoy reading it on the kindle because I feel like I am missing a lot and that is no fun.

Such chilling words which began, and subsequently made known, the brutal and unspeakable crimes of the Manson Murders. Vincent Bugliosi's account of the murders and "The Family" was well written and very detailed. His book presented a wealth of interesting information that you never hear about in any television documentary. By reading Mr. Bugliosi's captivating book, the reader, not only gets a better understanding of murders and the crazy, insane motive behind them, but a better understanding of all the people, good and bad, that were involved.

It's fascinating to read about all the hard work Mr. The Manson Murders were terrible, tragic event and it utimately became Mr.

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Bugliosi's story, which was again, wonderfully told by him. I can see why it is considered the best crime book ever written. I highly recommend this book. This is one of those books I like to re-read. No, I am not a Manson follower. It's not the person but the process of the trial of some of the most diabolical people in the 60's.

What's the meaning of the phrase 'Helter-skelter'?

I pick up on parts that I had forgotten or may of missed. The author is very specific on details as a lawyer should be. There are parts that drag of which could have been shorter but heck the book has been in 40 years. A good read and highly recommended it. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase.

Amazingly enough especially considering my interest in the macabre , I had never before picked up this classic true crime account of the Manson Murders.

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We follow the housekeeper as she enters the property to begin her day, the trauma of the bodies being discovered, and the movements of the police who first entered the scene. From these two bloodbaths, Bugliosi takes the reader along through the occasionally horribly bungled police investigation, letting us walk along with investigators as they try to make sense of such seemingly senseless killings.

As I said earlier, Bugliosi was the lead prosecutor of the case and occasional investigator. Physical evidence, witness statements, and paper trails are carefully presented and thoroughly dissected for the reader. The sheer weight of evidence eventually brought together against Manson and his family is presented here in largely chronological order, and shows just how completely Bugliosi throws himself into his work. So, grab this book and read it. For such a hefty tome, it goes by very quickly.


We can only hope that the ensuing years will be the same. And who better to tell that story than prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi himself? Although Vincent himself has passed away, his story lives on. As my mother would say, those who failed to observe the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.

You cannot separate an understanding of Charles Manson and an understanding of the trial. The two are inseparable.

'Helter-skelter' - the meaning and origin of this phrase

The vivid descriptions of the witnesses, crime scenes, evidence, and the courtroom drama served to encapsulate one of the longest and most expensive trials to ever take place in US history. I would argue that without Mr. We would also lose a haunting look at the mind of a madman and those who would unquestioningly follow him. Because of this, the studies of the most infamous killers of the world is an important aspect of what I do.

They say that time heals all wounds. We still seem to be just as fascinated today with what happened on those two days back in as the nation was during the time of the trial. I found it to be well-written and chock full of detail that no movie could ever quite cover as well is Vincent Bugliosi and Curt Gentry did. See all reviews. Crime Drama Thriller. Vincent Bugliosi 2 episodes, Steve Railsback Charles Manson 2 episodes, Nancy Wolfe Susan Atkins 2 episodes, Marilyn Burns Linda Kasabian 2 episodes, Christina Hart Patricia Krenwinkel 2 episodes, Cathey Paine Leslie Van Houten 2 episodes, Alan Oppenheimer Aaron Stovitz 2 episodes, Vic Werber Brenner 2 episodes, Marc Alaimo Phil Cohen 2 episodes, Bill Durkin Tex Watson 2 episodes, Phillip R.

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Manuel Gris 2 episodes, David Clennon Harry Jones 2 episodes, James Brodhead Quint 2 episodes, Linden Chiles Miller Leavy 2 episodes, Larry Pennell White 2 episodes, Steve Gries Edit Storyline Chilling story of the investigation and trial of Charles Manson, leader of a strange cult which under his direction and 'control' committed numerous murders. Taglines: Whisper it like a curse!

The meaning and origin of the expression: Helter-skelter

Language: English. Runtime: min original broadcast min DVD. Sound Mix: Mono. Color: Color. Edit Did You Know? Trivia When Steve Railsback received a call to come to Los Angeles to read for the role of Charles Manson in the movie, he auditioned by reading the speech Charles Manson gave in the jury-less courtroom.

He had the role three days later. Goofs The rope used as evidence in the courtroom is made of yellow hemp, but moments later, in the flashback scenes, it is made of white cotton fiber. Quotes Charles Manson : I've ate out of your garbage cans to stay out of jail. I've worn your second-hand clothes. I've tried my best to get along in your world. And now you say you want to kill me?

And I look at you, and I say to myself: "You want to kill me? I've spent 23 years in tombs that you built! Sometimes, I want to give it all back to you! Sometime, I just want to jump back at you and let you shoot me! If I could, I would grab this microphone and beat your brains In the two-part miniseries, Shorty says "Horse manure! In the home video release, he says "Go fuck yourself, Charlie! Add the first question.