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The question of in or or out, whether for an individual or a generation, has no easy answer because people are never static. The enfant terrible matures, kicking and screaming, into the elder statesman. In awarding a literature prize to a songwriter for the first time, the Nobel Committee honored Dylan for the boundaries he broke in the genre of popular song. Surrealism, anger, confusion — again and again Dylan found words with old echoes for ideas new to the radio and record player.

And it is for this, for using old words in new ways, that I come down on the side of Dylan over Roth.

Roth beautifully, masterfully chronicles the life of American Jews. Like Roth, Agnon chronicled the lives of Jews in their times. Like Dylan, Agnon created something new from old language, using the words and phrases and images from the prayer book and midrash to tell his tales — with more than a touch of the mythical and surreal thrown in for good measure.

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Lisa Otey. J Street Jumpers. The Jive Giants. The Dudley Manlove Quartet. The Blues Swingers. Is You or Is You Ain't.

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